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Wire Chess Set106 viewsInteractive exhibit at the Mattress Factory Museum Garden Party.
Kingly Chess on Fifth Avenue164 viewsCreated for First Night and The Three Rivers Arts Festival.
Eco-equation, Art You Can Plug Into108 viewsEco-equation is a new public sculpture located at 5111 Penn Avenue in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Garfield. The 16’ wide by 12’ tall installation will be completed on September 14, 2011.

This project is a Pittsburgh first, combining self sustaining energy design within the context of public art. The sculpture contains two low voltage electricity generating systems that provide power for it’s own power consumption needs. The sculpture harnesses both sun and wind energy which charge batteries by means of solar panels and functional wind turbine. The self generated power is used to energize LED lighting illuminating the sculpture at night from within. Symbols representing Sun + Wind = Light deliver a message in the form of a simple, yet self defining equation.
Eco-equation, self-illuminating solar and wind harnessing public art.102 viewsDavid Edwards installing the sculpture at 5111 Penn Avenue. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Arts Festival on Ellsworth Ave.157 viewsGirl With a Pearl Earring: Whole Foods Award 2005
back porch, roof railings and doors.90 viewsShady Avenue historic porch restoration Pgh.
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