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Pittsburgh's painted Pachyderm134 viewsDisplayed in area Oakland of Pittsburgh
Paduak Wood Table123 viewsOriginal D.L.Edwards design copyright1991
"Pittsburgh's Painted Pachyderm" 14" x 8" series #1 of 4, pastel: $3,000 (sold)125 viewsPittsburgh's Painted Pachyderm was a winning design submitted to the Sprout Fund for the 2006 Pittsburgh Roars yearlong celebration. The designs were converted into giant inflatable sculptures that were set up at different locations in the region throughout 2006. The sculpture and design were purchased by the Carnegie Institute in 2007.
Hot House Event with "Pittsburgh's Painted Pachyderm"120 views
Art Energy Design 100 viewsThe Power Flower is a 12' wind driven kinetic sculpture in the form of a potted sunflower. Sun and wind energy are collected with a wind turbine driven by spinning flower petals and photo voltaic solar film leaf surfaces. A 55 gallon rainwater collector serves as base and ballast. The flower provides DC power for laptops, phones or water pump features. The sculpture also powers colored LED lighting for dynamic night illumination. A weather-proof controller maintains safe power levels and timed programmable lighting. The sculpture is transportable and sets up easily for events and exhibitions. Our sculptures are created for use by city art festivals, botanical associations, schools and museums to complement their missions. We design, sell and implement both permanent eco-artworks and transportable designs and workshops.
"Pitttsburghs Painted Pachyderm"87 viewsInflatable sculpture and design purchased by the Carnegie Institute.
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